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The Marafie Foundation achieved a lot of remarkable projects

At the outset, it’s worth to mention that the Marafie family established Kuwait’s first private school in 1938 with a slogan “Education for All.” Since 1977, the school’s administration has formed the foundations of this outstanding educational edifice and improved its education system by providing competencies and expertise. This school is now supporting the projects of the late Mohammad Rafie Hussain Marafi’s foundation that has started its work in the field of charity and public benefit in the fifties of the last century until it was officially registered in accordance with the provisions of the law of the State of Kuwait in 10/10/1999.

The Foundation aims to do charitable assistance for the public benefit in Kuwait which incorporates helping poor families in the field of education, treatment, marriage and special assistance during the blessed month of Ramadan to carrying out special support in various parts of the world. The foundation is committed to offer its support without distinction between religion, race or color.

The Marafie Foundation achieved a lot of remarkable projects during its thirty years of operating in Asia and Africa such as several hospitals and dispensaries in China at the expense of the late Dr. Abbas Muhammad Rafie Marafie, a hospital in northern Pakistan, Jaber orphanage in northern Pakistan, a convalescence center in Lahore that was built at the expense of the commercial real estate company, a school and a dispensary in Afghanistan, a hospital in Iran, a children’s hospital, a maternity hospital in Iraq, a dispensary in Somalia, an orphanage in Lebanon at the expense of Mr. Abdulfatah Marafie, schools in Morocco at the expense of Mr. Abdulfatah Marafie and the Commercial Real Estate Company, as well as other projects that have nearly reached one thousand and two hundred in total.

The remarkable efforts of Marafie Foundation in completing many projects in northern Pakistan motivated the Pakistani government to endow a land area of 30,000 square meters in the north of Pakistan for the Foundation to build a medical center that comprises all medical services. This medical center will accommodate a hospital with 93 beds, emergency rooms, operation rooms and dispensaries for various medical activities.

In 2010, the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan awarded the “Medal of excellence” to Mr. Abdulilah Mohammad Rafie Marafie and Mr. Abdulfatah Mohammad Rafie Marafie in honor of the Foundation’s Humanitarian significance and outstanding achievements in Pakistan

The foundation expanded its support by collaborating with Direct Relief International which is based in California, USA to deliver medicines and medical equipment which are worth more than 22 million US dollars to Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

As a result of the continuous work of the foundation, Mr. Abdulilah Marafie was selected as a member of the International Board of Trustees at the World Conference on Religions for Peace, where the Religions for Peace (WCRP) organization was founded in 1970, and it is the largest coalition of religions in the world which includes all the monotheistic and non-monotheistic religions. The organization holds an annual meeting to pursue its objective. The organization aims at solidarity, synergy and efforts to end regional and international conflicts, fight violence, poverty and to achieve coexistence among all religions