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Relief Work


Freedom and Peace Trust

Freedom and Peace Trust (F & P Trust) is an American based not for profit NGO which was established in 2003. Its aims are to help victims of post traumatic stress disorder and other acute behavioural conditions often caused by war, displacement or other traumas. assist them in understanding how best to treat current mental health issues there. Promoting peaceful resolutions to conflict is also one of the goals along with enabling people to regain their independence and productivity in the after math of conflict.
This is done by funding health awareness and educational programmes and other means of rehabilitation to restore normal life. F & P Trust has provided training to Iraqi psychiatrists and mental health workers  freedom_trust_f2alt The Trust has been operating its humanitarian outreach work in Iraq since 2003. F & P Trust received logistical support in Kuwait from the Foundation, thus allowing this organisation to get supplies and support to Iraq.
Direct Relief International  dri-logo-copy
Direct Relief International (DRI) is another American based NGO offering medical relief and health assistance to the poor and victims of natural disasters or civil strife worldwide. This organisation which was setup in 1948 donates medical goods to disaster relief teams and charitable healthcare institutions.

DRI works with local and international organisations within the country concerned. This ensures that the specific materials required for each situation can be identified by those on the ground.

In2005, DRI provided medical supplies to partner organisations in 53 countries. The Foundation has cleared through customs and then stored medical supplies for DRI since the liberation of Iraq.


To date the storage of US$ 15 million of medical supplies destined for Iraq has been facilitated in this manner.

Earthquake Relief Works in Iran  iran-copy
The Marafie Foundation in Iran supported areas devastated by the earthquake in 2003 providing food, medical supplies, blankets and tents. Once the situation is more settled, the Foundation will be establishing schools and clinics.




Earthquake, Pakistan  Pakistan-copy
The October 2005 Earthquake in Kashmir was the worst natural disaster in Pakistan’s history. The tremor killed more than 80,000 people and injured hundreds of thousands.

Eight months after the catastrophe, some 3 million people still remain homeless. The Foundation joined forces again with DRI and F & P Trust to provide aid in the after math of this disaster.

The Foundation’s well established links in Pakistan proved indispensable in facilitating the delivery of essential supplies and setting up distribution networks in inaccessible areas.

There was a constant flow of medicine and medical supplies from Kuwait and USA. A field hospital was set up to provide medical attention to those most in need.

A delegation from Marafie Foundation, Kuwait visited the quake affected areas in Mansehra and Balakot to assess the damage and loss.

It is decided to build a new hospital in the affected areas after there-settlement of the villagers.




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