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The Foundation is registered with the government and is managed by a Board of Trustees. The board is comprised of locals from Baltistan who are professionals employed in various organizations, and successful businessmen. As a conscious policy, Marafie Foundation has focused its attention on health and education. It has also invested generously in other community projects and has concentrated on the welfare of children and the empowerment of women. Development in these sectors can help in overall improvement and sustainable progress in the area. In order to ensure that there is no overlapping and duplication of effort, it holds extensive consultations with the government departments and other NGOs. It strives to complement and supplement the efforts of these agencies so that the investments are directed to the common goal of development and reduction of poverty. All policy decisions are taken by the Board of Trustees, which also approves the annual budget. The accounts are maintained according to the standard accounting system and are subject to annual audit by a reputed firm of Chartered Accountants. The Foundation functions on the principle of delegation of power to the field staff but with a tight check through a system of periodical inspections of the projects by its staff, and also by the interaction of the trustees with the local population.
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Mohammed Ishaq Professor Ghulam Mehdi Afzal Ali Shigri
Mohammed Ishaq was a Trustee of the Marafie Foundation – Pakistan from 1986 until his untimely death in 2003. A successful businessman with interests in the construction industry, he provided financial support to many students who came to Karachi from Northern Pakistan. He became involved with the Marafie family in 1986, and gave much of his time and effort to assist in setting up the Marafie Foundation in Pakistan. His tireless support and dedication has contributed in great part to the success of the many projects in Pakistan. Professor Mehdi is a Life Trustee of the Marafie Foundation – Pakistan, and has been involved with its work since its inception. He is a Professor at Karachi University and oversees the management of the Marafie Student Hostel. He also advises on the educational aspects of the Foundation’s programmes. Professor Mehdi provided constant assistance to Mohammed Ishaq during his time as a Trustee. Afzal Ali Shigri is the nephew of Mohammed Ishaq and became a Trustee of the Marafie Foundation – Pakistan in 2003 following the death of his uncle. He had a distinguished career in the police force retiring having reached the rank of Inspector General of Police.