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Marafie Foundation, Iraq  IraqMap
 Marafie Hospital Basrah, Iraq
The Founder travelled frequently to Iraq and was among the first Kuwaitis to invest in property in Basrah, southern Iraq. He also donated to the medical sector there. In 1958, he built the first maternity hospital for the people of Basrah. As the population increased, he realised that there  was a need for a children’s hospital and he built a 60 bed facility for them in 1972. Half a million patients were treated between then and 1990. From 1991 till 2005 an average of 44,000 patients were treated yearly (total 660,000).
New Children Hospital, Basrah, Iraq
In the late 1980s, health officials from Basrah approached the Marafie Foundation for more assistance. They wanted to find a means to expand health care facilities to cope with an ever growing population. The Board of Management agreed to fund a 100 bed children’s hospital. On 25th February, 1990 the Foundation stone was laid for this project. The instability in the region caused by the subsequent invasion of Kuwait led to the postponement of further work on the project until a future date. The Board of Management is in the process of establishing a foundation specifically to support health and education in Iraq.  7c