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Marafie Foundation, Iran  iran-copy
Koshek Hospital, Isfahan
A Foundation has been registered in Iran. Due to the many earthquakes and other disasters in this country, the Foundation is very active here. In 1995, a 40 bed general hospital was built by the Foundation in Koshek, West Isfahan. This facililty serves 250,000 people in the surrounding villages, many of whom are impoverished. Between 1995 and 2005, over 1.2 million patients were treated at Koshek Hospital. Whilst the Board of Trustees oversees the hospital, the day to day running has been handed over to the Iranian health officials. The Foundation is called upon for extra assistance from time to time.
Dar-Alnajeebia, Koshek, Isfahan
In 1998, a donation from the wife of Founder’s own foundation was used to establish a women’s centre. Named in her honour, Dar-Alnajeebia is the first women’s community centre in Koshek. Ladies attend training sessions in Koranic Sciences, calligraphy, computers, sewing, cooking, carpet making and other useful skills. There is a capacity for 300-400 students at a time, and by 2008, over 112,500 women had graduated from this centre. Recently, First Aid and Family Planning and Advisory have been added to the curriculum.
Newly married women can also receive counselling and advice here.
The aim of this project is to promote women’s development and provide useful life skills.


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New Dar-Alnajeebia
The Dar-Alnajeebia project has been so successful that the Foundation received requests for this facility to expand. It was decided that it would be more beneficial to build a new centre rather than alter the existing one. Almost complete, the new Dar- Alnajeebia will be able to accommodate over 500 students. It will work along the same lines as the first center; offering women courses to develop their skills and potential. It was completed by 2006.  najeebia2-copy
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