Visiting Doctors
Teams of top specialists from Lahore have regularly hosted three camps every year at Mehdiabad Hospital and Abdullah Hospital Skardu since 2000 to treat patients and to identify serious cases requiring advanced treatment and surgery in Lahore. These doctors have not only examined the patients but have also identified medical problems that can be cured through prevention. Awareness raising leaflets have also been distributed amongst the local population. On an average 10,000 patients requiring treatment are examined every year, and the cases are followed up by our medical officer at the hospital. in 2019 total number of medical camps was 82 and more than 136839 patients were examined

Nursing Homes, Lahore
In order to provide treatment facilities in Lahore, a small nursing home has been established in Lahore by the Foundation. A volunteer coordinator manages the nursing home. The Foundation and its fellow provision provide patients who cannot afford to travel and receive treatment in Lahore with grants to meet the costs of traveling, boarding / lodging and medical treatment. Each case is carefully scrutinized, and only cases of deserving patients are funded. 889 patients suffering from serious ailments have been treated in this way in the best hospitals of Lahore in 2012. Construction of the new Nursing Home was completed to cope with the high demand for the treatment of such patients

Medical Camps-2019 
The Marafie Foundation has been confronted with numerous cases of deformi ties and gynae-related problems. Unable to take these cases to the Medical Unit at Lahore, we have undertaken to bring the facilities to the doorstep of common man. In the year 2000, with the help of dedicated doctors we ar ranged a medical camp at Skardu, which was organized in Abdullah Hospital (run by an NGO). Six major surgeries were performed locally in 2000, despite a lack of proper facilities, the experiment was a success, and the facilities at the hospital were upgraded. Presently, medical camps have become a regular feature of the health program of the Marafie Foundation for the first time in the history of Baltistan and Lahore.