Health has been defined not simply as a state free from disease but as the capacity of people to adapt to, respond to, or control life`s challenges and changes. A healthy population is not only valued in its own right, but it also raises the human capital of a country thereby positively contributing to the economic and social development. Therefore health is a major concern of Marafie Foundation. The Foundation has made substantial investment in this sector.

Marafie Foundation has constructed 59 dispensaries in consultation with the local community and health department. This year 2 dispensaries have been completed and work on 1 dispensary is in progress. Most of these dispensaries were handed over to Health Department in the twin districts of Baltistan and some are running on self help basis. Marafie Foundation mobilized local commu­ nities for the construction and land donation. This is a very successful model of public pri­ vate partnership in which all stakeholders the Foundation, community, and the Health Department participated

All these projects have been transferred to the Health Department I community except the hospital and the two MCH Centers. These three facilities are run by the Marafie Foundation