The October 2005 Earthquake in Kashmir was the worst natural disaster in Pakistan`s history. The seismic catastrophe killed more than 80,000 people and injured hundreds of thou­ sands. Eight months after the catastrophe, some 3 million people remained home­ less. The Foundation joined forces again with DRI and F&P Trust to provide aid in the aftermath of this disaster. The Foundation`s well established links in Pakistan proved indispensable in facili­ tating the delivery of essential supplies and setting up distribution networks in inaccessible areas, There was a constant flow of medicine and medical supplies from Kuwait and USA. A field hospital wait set up to provide medical attention to those most in need.
A delegation from the Marafie Foundation visited the quake-affected areas in Mansehra and Balakot to assess the damage and loss. It was decided to build a new hospital in the affected areas after the re-settlement of the villagers.