Support to Government Institutions in the Health and Education Sector. In order to complement and supplement the effort of the government in the health and education sectors, the Marafie Foundation has continued to extend funding for construction of additional classrooms in government schools, provision of equipment for labs, books for the libraries and salaries for additional staff as a temporary arrangement before the appointment of permanent staff

Empowerment of Women
One of Marafie Foundation`s aim is to build capacity within the local community and empower women to take care of the affairs of women at the grassroots level.
-Midwifery training
- Vocational School
- Mother and Child Care Center
- Family Planning Association

Midwifery Training

The training of educated girls as midwives to serve the local population was a major break through, The Marafie Foundation arranged training for midwives in Lady Dufferin Hospital in 1995, This acted as a catalyst in rooting out prejudice about nursing as a profession. the community. For this purpose, the Foun­ dation has initiated various programs, which provide training and basic healthcare for After this, a large number of girls received training as midwives, female health visitors
and nurses. To a great extent, this has addressed women`s health care issues and it has also resulted in women becoming earning members of society with an independent source of income

Marafie Vocational School & MCHC Center, Khaplu.
A purpose built complex for a vocational school for women has been constructed at Khaplu where regular training in dressmaking is being given to women, Presently, the school is being run in collaboration with the Women`s Ministry local office and is benefitting the women in the area. As a result of The vocational training being imparted at the school, three trained women have started similar centers in their villages in Khaplu. This building also houses a mother and child care center and caters to the medical needs of the women and their children. Its capacity has been enhanced with the support of the local office of the Ministry for Women Affairs.

Family Planning Association
Free accommodation is provided to the Family Planning Association of Pakistan in the Marafie Hospital building. The intention is to facilitate the association, which is working for the betterment of society in the field of population control.

Job Opportunites for Women
The schools built by the Marafie Foundation in the remote areas of Baltistan have not only provided education to the girls at their doorsteps, but have also created job opportunities for women locally. Presently 108 female teachers and 5 female health visitors/midwives have been employed in the dispensaries and schools constructed by the Foundation. Economic independence empowers the women to play a more active role in society.

Aid on Humanitarian Ground
The Foundation has provided assistance in emergencies to the local population who have suffered due to natural calamities or has become displaced due to confrontation on the border.The destitute and the poor requiring assistance are also helped by the Foundation on the advice of the local Ulema {clerics).

Future Plans
With the successful completion of a large number of projects, the Marafie Foundation intends to extend its coverage to the other neglected areas in Pakistan, and also to raise additional resources from international donors for these activities.