Community Centers
It was felt that community bath­ rooms were required in the rural areas. Marafie Foundation therefore in­ vested in construction of these bath rooms and built 397 such facilities.
Community centers, libraries, have been constructed and handed over to the community for management and use by local population. 1 68 projects are planned for construction in the project areas depending on local requirement,

Drinking Water
Drinking water supply systems at Chutron, Bashey and Shigar have been funded by the Foundation.

Central Heating System
Due to the extreme cold during the winters, the hospital at Skardu which has no heating system, becomes very cold, The Marafie Foundation contributed funds for a central heating system at District Hos­ pital Skardu.

Hot springs, Chautron
Hot springs have been converted into covered baths with separate facilities for men and women in Chautron /Bashey.