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About us

The Board of Management of Marafie Foundation takes this opportunity to thank the Trustees, donors, volunteers, employees and all others who have supported the Foundation in one way or another over the years. Without their valued support, the Foundation would not have been able to achieve the progress that it has made.

The major projects and activities of the Foundation are concentrated in Baltistan, north eastern region of Pakistan. The region is backward and is prone to natural disasters besides suffering from other disadvantages. Despite these hardships, the Foundation has been very successful in its objectives of constructing clinics, schools, community and health centers etc for the betterment of the local population. It is, however, a gigantic task and although the Foundation has always been ready to accept the challenge, it cannot alone fulfil all the requirements of the population. It needs the continued support and donations of people to enable the Foundation to carry on its activities.

The Foundation is also currently active in Afghanistan, Somalia and Morocco in supporting good causes there, and will consider other regions in any part of the globe to extend its charitable activities on a wider scale.

The support may be by individuals or organisations by sponsoring projects which can have the donor’s name mentioned against them, if so desired.

Please get in touch with the Foundation for more details. The generosity and benevolence of all the contributors will be greatly appreciated.


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Chief Patron Trustee

1Abdul Ilah Mohammed Rafie Marafie (b. 1954) worked closely with the Founder during his last few years of life. He had a very strong bond with his father and developed a deep interest in the activities of the Foundation.
This led to him taking over and expanding its charitable activities. Apart from his active involvement in the Foundation, he serves as the Chief Executive of Marafie Group of Companies. He represents the Group in local investment bodies and other institutions, where the Group has a stake and affiliation.

Deputy Chief Patron Trustee

2Abdul Fatah Mohammed Rafie Marafie (b. 1957) joins his brother Abdul Ilah Marafie in the Foundation activities and also actively involved in the management of the Foundation.

He supervises the investment and real estate business of the Marafie Group. Presently, he is the Chairman and CEO of one of the prominent Real Estate Companies in Kuwait and also the Director of a  leading Kuwaiti Bank.